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Himalayan Salt Rock History

The purest Salt in the world, Himalayan Salt crystal are hand mined from Salt range of the himalaya mountains. 800 millions year old these mountains can be, as estimated by geoligists. The Himalayan salt you are using was possibly formed multi million year back in the Precambrian era. This is around same time when life begins 


Being purest salt available on the palent Pink Himalayan Salt has countless benefits for health and beauty. It can be used as Skin Detoxifier, Exfoliates skin dead cells, Balances skin Hp and as Deodrant.

It is often said that Pink Himalayan Salt is most cleanest salt and also most beneficial salt available on the planet.  calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and there is list of over 84 minerals and trace elements Pink Himalayan Salt contains. So it does't give you only food taste but health. DeenZ Himalayan Salt Can provide a range of cooking salt for home, small businesses and industry. 

Moreover, Pink Himalayan salt used for meat marination, meat dry-ageing, sole, bathing, use as inhaler for breathing benefits and keep as lamp for decoration, absorbent of bad heat generated by electric devices like mobile, TV, fridge. and good for asthma patience.  

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