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2-3 kg salt lamps himalayan
9-12kg himalayan salt rock lamp
himalayan salt usb lamp firebowl

Our Mains Lamps Collection includes Natural Lamps, Crafted Lamps and Salt Chunks Lamps. All of our Decorative Himalayan Salt Lamps comes with three plug show mains power and are made from Natural Himalayan pink salt crystals which taken from Himalayan Mountains through process call hand mining. Our NATURAL Salt Lamp are rough finished, just like how they came out of the foothills of the Himalayan mountains and Crafted Himalayan Salt Lamps are Hand Crafted. Each piece is made and finished by hand so each piece is slightly different even if shape is same. 

Decorative Himalayan Salt lamps are combination of Salt Crystal chunks and Metal or Wood Frames with light fittings.

All of the Himalayan Salt Decorative Lamps emits very soft yellowish comforting light. The light plays very good impact in mood soothing and relaxing atmosphere while Himalayan Salt Crystals naturally Ionize and Purify air and mitigate Asthma Symptoms

Our USB Powered Lamps Collection again includes Natural Lamps, Crafted Lamps and Salt Chunks Lamps. As name stated these lamps are USB powered.  Moreover USB lamps are small in the size as compare to Mains powered Salt lamps although Shapes, Designs and working of both categories are same. 

himalayan salt usb lamp flower shape
himalayan salt usb lamp globe
3-5kg himalayan salt rock lamp
leaf shape himalayan salt lamp
himalayan salt usb lamp natural
salt firebowl
s-l1600 (42).jpg
himalayan salt candle holder
salt candle holder natural

All Himalayan Candle Light Holders Collection includes Natural and Crafted holders. All of the Candle Holders whether Natural or Crafted are hand finished. Each piece of Crafted candle holder is Hand Crafted and Natural candle holder has completely natural shape salt rock with rough finish for final final touch  

himalayan salt natural candle holder
salt candle holder round shape
pink salt candle holder
ceramic salt pipe inhaler

Being purest salt available on the palent Pink Himalayan Salt has countless benefits for health and beauty. It can be used as Skin Detoxifier, Exfoliates skin dead cells, Balances skin Hp and as Deodrant.

himalayan salt chunks pink and white
himalayan pink salt rock pieces
netti pot
heart shape salt massage piece
pink himalayan culinary salt

It is often said that Pink Himalayan Salt is most cleanest salt and also most beneficial salt available on the planet.  calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, iron and there is list of over 84 minerals and trace elements Pink Himalayan Salt contains. So it does't give you only food taste but health.   DeenZ Himalayan Salt Can provide a range of cooking salt for home, small businesses and industry. 

white himalayan culinary sat
undersink kitchen caddy.jpg

Deenz kitchen and bathroom racks are every home need products our homeware range includes  a very big range of new design of kitchen racks caddies and bathroom rack and caddies. please contact us to get wholesale price of Deenz kitchen and bathroom racks.

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