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  • DeenZ Himalayan salt lamps are hand curved, Color range is from beautiful light pink,orange, red and goes to deep red colour, all our items our Lamps are specially made for DeenZ and factory packaged providing premium and finest quality
  • Lamps comes with UK Standard electrical accessories Hence Providing 100% authenticity quality and satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Package Contains one unit of DeenZ Pink Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt 3-5 KG, One Unit of Standard UK PLUG CABLE SWITCH and BULB (CE Certified) . The perfect healthy gift for loved ones to help promote health.
  • Due to the natural variation and hand curved each lamp individually DeenZ Himalayan Crystal salt, weight, size, color and shape may vary
  • Air Purifier: DeenZ himalayan salt lamps purify the air to provide you with air that is healthy and easy for breathing by clearing natural allergens such as: smoke, pet dander, pollens, and other harmful pollutants also help to cure Asthma , sinus, cough, BP, sleepiness , kill Bacteria and pure Air .

Himalayan Salt Lamp 3-5kg

  • You can return product within 14 days from delivery if there is any issue like product is faulty or damage.

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